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I am retired and I had a job where I chose not to make lots

I am retired and I had a job where I chose not to make lots of personal friends because I was busy and the job seemed to be enough for the years I worked. Now, my life has changed and I have lost several of my closest relatives, one as recently as 6 months ago. I just realized that I was kind of a loner/introverted. I had a job where I communicated daily with a lot of people, so I was surprised about this. I thought I was doing ok when was I working but now, after four or five years, I realized I had not made a lot of friends. Just hope to "chat" and eventually find a more local group to communicate with.

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Aug 1

@BeautyGirl Thanks for the information. I was not sure how it worked on here. I hope to get to chat with you tomorrow. I just realized that I must reply within the message and not send a new message.

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Aug 2

Your situation reminds me a little bit about myself - I work with wonderful people but never engage in outside activities with them. I am also at the age where I am losing some close relatives. The passing of time sure changes your outlook on life doesn't it.

Communication skills on the job are different than interpersonal connections with others. It's good to know if you are an introvert or extrovert because you are able to identify your strengths. It's funny, how in a world loaded with people, one can find themselves so alone. We were created for relationships, and they satisfy and fulfill a big part of who we are. I'm glad you reached out here to connect with others. I don't come on here all that often, but maybe I will see you again. It was nice meeting you.

Aug 2

@LadyO What a wonderful reply. Just what I hoped for. It would be so great to get to chat with you. Maybe we can set up a time. I still am not sure how this works. Thanks again for the great hello.


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