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I am listening to an audiobook mystery. A thriller. Yet, e

I am listening to an audiobook mystery. A thriller. Yet, even in this book, there is a love story and lots of support for the central characters. I sometimes just don't want to hear about these kinds of relationships. I guess because I am so lonely. I sometimes just want to to hear about someone who is struggling through alone like me. Does that make me a bad person? I try to find hope in stories of people who are not alone, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

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Nov 17

Of course we will have you, and thanks for the hope. BTW, I love, love, love the 80s!

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Nov 20

I Have to write!!! I am SOOOO PUMPPED!!! There was this series of books back in the day, that I read... It is kind of like the Hobbit, with mystical creatures, wizards, magic, dragons, you get the point. Well I read this for ever ago, and checked multiple times on Audible and other sites for this in audio, to no avail! But just Friday i found it on Audible. The whole series! Dont know if those kind of books do it for ya, but The author Tad Williams is awesome, and probably my favorite author when it comes to these... he paints a perfect picture in your mind so you can see, taste, feel the exact details! Though it is a little different hearing it rather than reading it, with the pronunciation by the reader, but am still supper pumped! Book #1 is called Dragon Bone Chair! I am using that as my bed time book when i cant sleep, because "the stand" has too much swearing and triggers my wife, if I listen to it in bed. (still working on the stand whenever I am driving or working on something that doesnt require a lot of thought... 24 more hours to go on that... a lot of bang for your audio-buck there! lol

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Nov 20

Thanks for sharing about the Dragon Bone Chair. I'll check it out.


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