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I am just depressed and lonely right now. Thought I would go

I am just depressed and lonely right now. Thought I would go for a walk, but it is cold and rainy.

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Hopeful_100's picture
Nov 12, 2017

same here as well. It's been very dark for days in a row it's depressing. I take a good quality cod liver oil for vitamin D

hopexo's picture
Nov 12, 2017

The weather is not too cold or dark where I am, but the loneliness is cold and dark.

Nov 14, 2017

I totally understand feeling down, and when it gets dark so early in the evening it is easy to get depressed! What I have found to help me deal with it is to find some indoor activities that I can do. What are some other indoor activities do you enjoy doing? I also find it helpful to schedule out some things that I can do in the evenings then I know I have something to look forward to when it is cold and dark out.


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