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I’m not personally worried about the virus itself in my ar

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I’m not personally worried about the virus itself in my area- I’m more concerned with its effects. It’s killing me to watch society shut down around me and to be isolated from so many people I wish I could just hug. I live with my parents and two sisters so it’s not that I’m alone, I just miss the normal state of society. And so many activities and events have been canceled to everyone’s disappointment- no one knows what to do anymore. It makes me feel a little better knowing that researchers are hard at work, already having developed possible treatments.

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Mar 22

hopefully in April or may this virus crap will go away i miss my life

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Mar 25

@Ad-astra-per-aspera the thing with that is that the media exaggerates for attention, even during this crisis. And many of them don’t report the facts and the progress that we’re making. I miss my normal life too.


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