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December 3rd, 2020


Hurting bad toda. I miss my ex so much. I shouldn't as my ex

Hurting bad toda. I miss my ex so much. I shouldn't as my ex cheated, but I am crying alot off and on....I hope I am healing and not just depressed. Geeze it hurts to miss someone that I could never trust again to be with.
Feelings get us through our pain, but I hate feeling this way.

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LollyNews's picture
Oct 25

@beth65 i’m so sorry you’re going through that. I have felt that way before. You will feel better.
And I’m struggling financially too. I started going through everything so I could see what I could cut back on. Every little thing adds up. So that is one option. And I am still struggling but I didn’t need to have Amazon prime. That’s $15 a month that I can save. Stuff like that.

Oct 25

@LollyNews Yeah...hard to cut back. But we have to at times.....I know.

Invisible_Tears_Within's picture
Oct 25

I know, unlucky but I know what you feel.
You don't want the person he is. You want the person that you thought he was, believed that he was. I am man and I am in similar hell. My X actually planned and tried to kill.
She knows my medical situation, my heart and the surgery and complications. So it was not hard foe her to kill AND NOT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SHE DID IT, OR ATTEMPT TO.


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