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Hi friends just woke up don't even want get out of bed but


Hi friends just woke up don't even want get out of bed but got to got go c councillor today least someone to talk to

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Jul 17

Thanks and yrs I'm just frighten of people all rite with mum and sister and people I know that's why havnt got no friends xx

WanderingWonderer's picture
Jul 17

@Ang17 hey it's gonna be alright. Friends will come after u love yourself first. Having friends does not equate to happiness. Happiness equals happiness so work making yourself happy. Do things u enjoy doing and know that being happy alone is better than being miserable around others. Just be yourself around others and relax. When you try to be something else it causes anxiety and fear. So if you don't fit in with someone just move on because not everyone is compatible. Cause when you force it, this false front will leave you confused and afraid. I hope you feel better!

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Jul 19

@Ang17 How did your appointment go? You should talk to your councilor about this. They might can offer some suggestions to help. I hate seeing anybody feel like that. Its an awful feeling ive lived with a long time.


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