Hi everyone.. I never felt as lonely as I do now. I read all

Hi everyone.. I never felt as lonely as I do now. I read all your posts.. and can relate to the feelings. I'm in my early 60's... and have lost a lot of family and also my last of a litter of cats passed away a few months ago. They were really my kids. I miss them so much. I can't get another right now.. not ready for so many reasons. I do have my birds and love them. But I'm home almost all the time and really miss human contact via writing or over the phone. My health is not so great.. .don't need to talk about it, but it keeps me from going out much..otherwise I'd be working or volunteering with pets. . I love talking about a lot of things, animals for one.. world affairs .. I'm a science type person. I have no kids but the pets always were.

I have to say it's hard to make friends today. Even with social media which is a great, when I was working it was so much easier. I used to do animal rescue work too.. so I made friends back then with like minded folks.. but life changes. I'm in a better mood when there are people in my life to chat with. <3

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Dec 6

@featherfluff2: OK - I just supported featherfluff2 so hopefully this works. When I trying to support Featherfluff, I kept receiving a message saying that I couldn't support myself which is strange since I am not Featherfluff!

Dec 6

@Gutentag1 .. it should all be good now.. I got an e-mail saying you are supporting me.. :)

13 hours ago

@featherfluff I'm so sorry I never came back. I couldn't. I went offline. Too depressed to even be anywhere. Don't worry about not coming back sooner. I tend to withdraw sometimes. At least you were busy, although hurricanes really aren't fun. There are times when I can't seem to type out what I want to say. I never used to be like that. I have a hard time finding things on this site. I don't do really well trying to figure things out and I couldn't find this discussion at first. About the Cuddle Clones - in a way they're better than what I had done. Yours are waterproof (should I say tear proof?) and soft, mine is neither and also not hugable. You're lucky that you can find nutritionists or specialists. I'd like to find a naturopathic doctor but there aren't any near me. No holistic doctors either. The herbal supplements seem to be working well to control the panic attacks. I take loads of supplements too, for other things and general health. I know what I need to do to make things better for me but I just sit here or lay in bed and procrastinate. I have a problem with my legs caused by being so inactive. Anyway, that's a whole other problem but it's causing me anxiety. I don't care to talk to many people anymore, the ones on chat sites. I guess I've already found out who I can talk to - nobody. On the chats I mean. It's okay if you want to talk about shopping or food or doing fun stuff, or even if you have a headache. But as I said, they don't know what to say about things like PA or depression. I've been listening a lot to really old radio shows from the '30s and '40s. i think I'm trying to drift away to a better place and time. I hope you're not so depressed now and feeling better. How have you been?

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