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Hey guys: I am feeling very lonely and miss having someon

Hey guys:

I am feeling very lonely and miss having someone who tells me they love me or even wants to cuddle. I don’t have any children and never did because I didn’t want to pass certain traits on to them. I have my own apartment that I love - I just get lonely always being on my own. I am very friendly to people but have always been an introvert. I joined this site to talk with others who are feeling the same way. We all need human touch and I really miss that! Would love to hear from you. Would make my day.

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Jul 31

Sorry your struggling with this

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Jul 31

Just wanted to say hi...
I have always been a person who can never express their feelings properly. That is why I feel lonely. Would love to gear from you.

Aug 2

Hi, I think we all relate. We hit periods of loneliness and isolation and crave the human touch. It can be so hard! Please visit this site and speak to those who are reaching out. It's a start! Have you also considered taking a class in something that interests you? It is a great way to make friends. You can also volunteer at something you enjoy....whether it be a senior home or even an animal shelter. This is another great way to connect with people and maybe make new friends. Going to a park to walk around the same time is another way you may connect with someone. People tend to go to a park to walk around the same time and after a few times, you can say hello and maybe connect with someone. Even an on-line book club may be a way to make a new friend. Stay strong and do positive things for yourself. I wish you well.


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