**HELP** So I ran with my four children in the middle of th

So I ran with my four children in the middle of the night to get away from my abusive husband. My friend picked us up and took us two hours and 45 mins away to her house to be safe. I have a preemie who is 7 pounds now ..a two year old...9 year old...and 12 year old. Apparently in the midst of grabbing everything from the house I forgot my wic Similac neosure for my baby and I just ran COMPLETELY out and no money to buy any and I honestly do not know what to do..I'm so scared. My friend who we moved in with is out of funds and I have no family. I called the pediatricians around here and none have any samples and hospital says they have a shortage for labor and delivery only right now. I am at a loss and so scared...anyone have any ideas because I'm out of all...oh the two local food banks here do not have ANY formula...idk I need prayers and help

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May 24

Did you get the ecard I sent?


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