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Hello I’m new here I am 48 lost my parents very recently

Hello I’m new here
I am 48 lost my parents very recently back to back , went threw a divorce same time and was forced to sale my home to relocate to another state , I also had a heart attack from all my stress , I have no family left and feel very very lonely especially in a state knowing no one , I am very very sad , mean time cannot work due to some health issues and disability pending , so I’m a prisoner in my own home !
I decided to look for online support groups n here I am !

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Jul 10

I really feel for you and all that you have gone through. I can't imagine having all those things happen one after another.

Jul 10

I am sorry for your loss I know the pain of losing a parent, I know how it feels to lose everything and totally start over but just keep your head up and don’t give up it does get better

Jul 10

I am 49 an at times feel like a prisoner in my home also. I have medical issues and am in the middle of a disability case. I am married but my husband works all the time and we never see each other. I get lonely at times like today I just cried all day..I lost my mom last year before Mother's day and I just have my father. My medical issues are preventing me from being out in public. I am here if you want to talk.


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