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Everywhere i look i see beautiful women with ugly men. There

Everywhere i look i see beautiful women with ugly men. Theres no hope for us normal girls when even the hot ones get treated like disposable underware.

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norseduncan's picture
Dec 8

@sueshe that's a generalization. not everyone is like that. im not. a sexy lady who could model, and is stupid as the day is long, she doesn't interest me in the slightest. a heavyset woman with strength and intelligence would turn my head. looks aren't important. looks fade. and surgically altered looks trying to chase a vanished ideal is just weird to me.

airforce_sfs's picture
Dec 8

Society has painted an ugly picture around this subject that has unfortunately become surreal. That's why I always say, I'm not normal. Makes me, me. Everyone has something, that one thing that even in a sea of shining diamonds you'll be out there looking like the sun. Just takes someone to notice that and always notice that.

Dec 8

@Fooled that is true but at the same time I wish i felt like I looked good


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