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37 years and I've never been in a relationship. Never in lov


37 years and I've never been in a relationship. Never in love, tons of infatuation, but never with any one Gary or single and mostly unreturned feelings. I've been hopeful many years, now fading.

May 15

Is shyness the reason for your situation? If so, I can relate to that. I struggled with that for many years, and to some degree, I still do. I had difficulty asking girls out, even those that seemed interested. When I was about your age, I found the love of my life. Oddly enough, I wasn't even searching for anyone at the time.
Don't give up. You have to persevere and believe in yourself.

May 15

Yes, shyness. I believe in perseverance. Thank you. Your words inspire a spark of hope. I have a lot things to work through


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