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Dont you just love it when someone else calls you to make th


Dont you just love it when someone else calls you to make themselves feel better because they know you have it worse than them. And you feel worse by the time you get off the phone.

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Jun 28

Yes, true. But my brain forgets when my own crisis occurred. I knew there was a reason i avoided her last connect but had forgotten!

Jun 29

Hi- When my father was diagnosed with a terminal disease, I was heartbroken so I talked to a friend. But after I talked to her, I became miserable. I became more anxious. Now, whenever I am going through something, I write it first in my journal. It’s like talking to a friend. And after writing, I feel better. But if there are times that I still need someone to talk to, I pray that God will lead me to the person I can trust.

I hope you get better soon. Try journaling, I hope it will work for you. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

Jun 29

yes i know that feeling way to much i have it worse than allot of people and i always get called a retard


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