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To anyone here who has taken, or who is taking, medication:

To anyone here who has taken, or who is taking, medication: What have been the results of taking said medication? Has your mood and functionality improved? What are the side effects? Of course, what are you taking medication for?

I've been thinking about taking medication for several months now, and I have one side of the family who are completely fine with it, since they have to take medication for other things, such as birth control and medication after having breast cancer. However, I'm kind of wary because none of them are really all that healthy, and I wonder if part of it has something to do with the medication, although I know it's not for their minds. And then my other side of the family, the side of the family I feel like my depression and anxiety naturally comes from, they don't believe in medication, especially for the mind, at all. However, they're still dealing with the same mental problems I'm going through, and they just suffer because they think it's all normal.

I just want to be better. I'm taking steps on my own to help me, such as journaling, meditating, and praying. I go on walks a lot too. I'm just really struggling on and off, because I know I can't do this on my own, but it's hard to confide in the people around me because it feels like they don't take my problems seriously anymore, and oftentimes they really don't know how to help me. I understand and accept that. But I really need something else to help me. Is medication the right step?

Oh, by the way, I did go to therapy, but my therapist was weird so I stopped. I know I could find another therapist, but I don't want to have to repeat my history to someone else all over again. I just want to talk about my problems as they're going on, and I need more help than 52 minutes per week.

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Jan 10

There is no right or wrong answer regarding medication. I believe a lot of the chaos in the world today is because people who are mentally unstable and should be medicated, are not.
Having said that, medication does not have to be a lifelong thing. Medication will help calm your brain so that you can think clearly, process things and learn new, healthy coping skills to deal with life's ups and downs.
As long as we are alive, we will have ups and downs? Why do some people deal with them in a healthy way and others say, "I can't take it anymore?' I know people who crumble under the slightest thing and I know other people who go through horrific things and are able to maintain a healthy mental attitude.
Sorry you had a bad experience with the therapist. Have you heard of Faithful Counseling? It is awesome. You can meet with them online in the privacy of your own home. They will also text you anytime. And I think you can get the first couple weeks free if you go on

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