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Do you think Death is harder than Life? I am trying to decid

Do you think Death is harder than Life? I am trying to decide one of these! Which is the better of the two bad options?

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Feb 13

Live life. For as far as we know, you don't come back from death. Take the everyday things with you. Take peace with you. Take it all with you. You will inevitably die, but you also inevitably live. Use it. abuse it. But don't let go.
I wish you the best.

Feb 13

Hello Death is never a choice if you are alive. Life is not a choice either. You cannot choose to be born.
Birth happens. I think it is God's will . I am a believer. Prayer has kept me alive.

Mar 4

@Iwilwin You describe life and death as two bad options. I hold the opposite view; they’re both good options. We hold the view that they are bad because we have been taught by the people who are important in our lives that life and death are that way. We also have experiences while we are alive that seem to support that view.

What we don’t realize is that everything that happens to us that we experience as bad is caused by us. That’s because our predominant thoughts attract to us circumstances or situations that confirm what we are thinking. We don’t do that deliberately. We do it because we aren’t aware that our thoughts have that kind of power.

However, the fact is that our thoughts do have that kind of power. This may sound negative until you realize that you are in control your thoughts and that your predominant thoughts can be positive as well as negative. In other words, you can deliberately shift your thinking to predominantly positive thoughts and you will start to attract positive situations and circumstances into your life.

So, it’s not what has happened to us but the thoughts we carry about those experiences (positive or negative) that determine the course of our life. And since we are always in control of our thoughts, we can decide which way our life will go.

All of this means that our lives will only be hard if we are uninformed about the power of our thoughts or we know about that power and decide to do nothing about it. It’s a choice.

As far as death is concerned, when we leave our body we leave with our personality (our thoughts and feelings and memories) intact. The only real change is that we drop our physical body and shift to a spiritual form.

Our thoughts will again determine what will happen to us in the afterlife. If we carry negative thoughts such as believing we deserve be punished for events in our life on earth, we will experience the effect of those negative thoughts. If, on the other hand, we believe that we deserve to be in heaven that will be our experience.

Not only that, we can change what happens in the afterlife at any time by changing our thinking. The only difference between our life on earth and in our afterlife this that changing our circumstances on earth takes time while changing our circumstances in the afterlife happens instantly.

For the above reasons, I see two good options about my life and my afterlife. You have the choice to carry that optimism as well.

If you want to read more about attracting circumstances into your life, I recommend, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It’s a good introduction to this topic. There are five other books by Esther and Jerry on different aspects of the Law of Attraction if you’re interested.

If you want to read more about life after death, I recommend, Conversations with God: Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch. There are three other books in that series. Book 4 deals specifically with life after death. It’s a good idea to read Book 1 first so you understand the basic concepts about life here on earth before you read Book 4.

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