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Tue Feb 14 - Daily Check in Well, here it is Valentine's Da

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Tue Feb 14 - Daily Check in
Well, here it is Valentine's Day and I know for some of us who are alone, it can be a tough day. Something I've found to be useful on days like this is to find things related to my singleness to be grateful for. It's not always easy, and certainly not always natural, but I have found there's something about pushing myself to do it anyway that lifts my mood. So for today's check-in, I'm going to list 3 positives related to my singleness.
1. I'm an introvert, so being single means I have lots of quiet for something I enjoy: deep thinking
2. If a friend needs someone, it's easier for me to rearrange my schedule to help them (at times, anyway)
3. Because singleness and loneliness go hand in hand, of course I experience being lonely at times. But it means I can be a better friend to those who are lonely because I've walked in those shoes.

Some of you lonely or single ones may not feel up to doing this exercise today, and if that's true for you, that's certainly okay - sometimes we just can't. I'd invite you to read what others are thankful for, though. You might be surprised by what some people find to be grateful for regarding their singleness.
The next check-in post I do will go back to 3 events from your day.

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Feb 16, 2017

That's great that you can use your trials and tribulations to help others. I'm a recovering alcoholic and find I can carry a message to alcoholics starting to recover in a way that a non-alcoholic could never do.

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Feb 16, 2017

have I told you how awesome this idea is? is today's up and I missed it?

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Feb 16, 2017

@norseduncan I think the Valentine's day's was the last. Nothing for today.


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