I can't take this quarantine anymore. The constant attacks f

I can't take this quarantine anymore. The constant attacks from my family I'm stuck here I cant get out I'd rather be back lonely and miserable in my apartment but I can't freaking get there

May 17

I guess the quarantine affects us all. Some certainly have better coping skills, at least by the looks of the tv showing web app blurbs. I guess I need to go get on those apps and check them out. Sorry you feel stuck and the contant attacks from family! Why cant you get to your apartment?

May 18

Hi kennyken. Maybe you can get some ideas for survival here https://bit.ly/2X2kn3a. In the meantime try to make a safe space for yourself. It can be a corner of a room or a chair out in the yard. Go there and listen to some music or read a back or just sit. This will end soon. Hugs.


So many are having problems being with family members for an extended period of time. It is not always easy as many of us have difficult family dynamics.....but we are usually most comfortable with showing the good and bad with family.....so this does tend to be challenging. Family criticizes more than we would with friends or other people. We are not as cautious or even considerate of how we say things. You can't change your family, but you can change how you respond to it. That is a choice you have! You don't have to respond....or you can just give a minimal response. I think it is a good advice to have a space that you go to where you can just be alone for a time. Music helps. Talking to a friend helps. Walking helps. Even suggesting doing something with family might help....like cooking a meal together or playing a game....or watching a movie....so the focus is not on everyone commenting about each other. This time will pass......stay strong and hang in there. On the flip side, this has been an opportunity to be with family in a way that we never would have had for the most part. Even though family can be hard and are often our worst critics, they are usually the ones who love us unconditionally and have our backs. Be well.

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