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Why is it so hard to find friends? SG has been really helpfu

Why is it so hard to find friends? SG has been really helpful for me though most of the people I know here are from the other side of the world (I'm from the Philippines). I just want to meet people personally who are willing to listen and hopefully have some fun together dining out, watching movies, or shopping. Regardless of what their gender is.

I tried different sites but most people who send me messages are older guys who seem like pervs. I don't know why it's always like that, I'm not even pretty or sexy. I've met two people already for movies this week and last week. Though both men didn't really do anything creepy and I made sure that I didn't raise any expectations because I paid for my own food and movie tickets, they still seem to hit on me so I decided not to talk to them again.

I really wish I can meet women who also need friends or men who just want friends and won't try to get between my legs. It's so frustrating. :(

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Oct 10

Hi again. Would you be offended if I ask what age you are? It doesn't matter to me, I'm just wondering. I'm 73 and most people say I don't look it but when I look in my mirror, especially one of them, I think I look every bit of it. And I'm not pretty or sexy either. :( and I hate my looks so bad. I never thought much about my age until I fell for the non-gay woman who pretended to love me "as a friend" but has really raked me over the coals and cut my heart to pieces and stomped on the pieces and has caused me all the hurt I'm now trying to get through. I know she said that women aren't her thing but I keep thinking that if I was just a little younger (she likes people somewhat older than her) and was pretty (she is SO pretty) that maybe I'd stand a chance with her as more than a friend. But my looks or age shouldn't matter in a friendship and if she could treat someone who loves her and has been a real friend to her as she has treated me, then what would I really have if I did have a chance with her? I too wonder why it's so hard to find people to be friends with, especially women. Being a gay woman, I can't understand women who are so so male oriented that they don't even want to be with their own kind for the companionship and enjoyment that women friends can have with each other. There are meet-ups here in the USA but none right here in my area that I'm interested in, besides the fact that I don't have my own transportation and not much money to play with. The local senior center is withing walking distance of my house but I've never seen anything going on there that interests me except a group that gets together there to sew or crochet or whatever. BUT I'm a gay woman so that is a big drawback right off the bat when it comes to fitting in. If someone says something, I'm not going to keep quiet and let them think I'm heterosexual. I am who I am and I'm as good as anyone else is.

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Oct 11

@Dingaling I'm 25 years old. I'm sorry for what you are going through. It's hard not to have friends. I sent you a private message.

Oct 11

u will find the best


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