Sometimes I feel like I bore people. I'm not particularly an

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Sometimes I feel like I bore people. I'm not particularly an outgoing, social butterfly. More of an introvert really. And its not that I don't like being around others, its just that I prefer to listen to people. For me personally, I would much rather hear about you and your thoughts, feelings, experiences than talk about myself. So I feel like that throws people off and I come across as socially awkward or boring because its like I can't relate. Well that's partially true. I have a hard time relating to people on a lot of things but I'm more of a listener and observer..I know there's nothing wrong with that but I wish I could improve on connecting with people by having it be more of a two way conversation instead of more one way. Maybe I need more practice I guess. What has helped people in the past? Does anyone do anything to overcome these types of feelings?

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Jan 11, 2017

I am the same way too. I personally think that being a listener is not so bad and I find that it makes others happier that could just be me. I think that if someone tells you something about themselves if you can relate with a personal experience that sometimes helps because you are both talking about each other. Also ask questions or give some advice on something they tell you about themselves that makes the conversation a bit interesting and going in both directions. You are not alone I think there are more of us than ones that ask alot of questions. Hang in there you can overcome it a little at a time. xo


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