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Today is pretty crummy. Nothing specific but just having an

Today is pretty crummy. Nothing specific but just having an overwhelming feeling of aloneness today. I am dreading going home tonight by myself. Feeling just not good enough today. How do those of you who feel like this get past it so it doesn’t bring down your whole day? I don’t feel like doing a single thing at all today because I know it will be me doing it alone. I’d love to go play tennis but I don’t have anyone to play with but one person who I know won’t want to play today. I’d love to go walk around somewhere but I can’t get to the places I’d like to go, too far. I really am missing my grandparents today who’ve passed away, I’ve been having a hard time with it lately. Feel sick to my stomach from sadness today. I’ve tried being funny and upbeat so people don’t notice. I’m exhausted too, sleeping hasn’t been easy lately. Nightmares are out of control. I’m in a bad headspace today. Just want to feel important to someone. I don’t feel I matter today.

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Nov 15

@FiremanJoe yeah i get threapy i talk to people on ok cupid

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Nov 17

@Hope617 OMG.. been there and done that too many times. I hate living alone and being alone at the end of the day. Hope you have someone to go to for getting it all out? Sometimes insurance will help you find people to go in and help you at times when needed at little or no cost to you.

Nov 18

Something that helps me is just cleaning up around the house/apartment a little bit (if I have the energy). It doesn't get rid of all my bad thoughts or anything but it makes me feel a little bit less overwhelmed like there is more room to help myself if I am in a clean space. I hope you are feeling better.


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