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Today is pretty crummy. Nothing specific but just having an

Today is pretty crummy. Nothing specific but just having an overwhelming feeling of aloneness today. I am dreading going home tonight by myself. Feeling just not good enough today. How do those of you who feel like this get past it so it doesn’t bring down your whole day? I don’t feel like doing a single thing at all today because I know it will be me doing it alone. I’d love to go play tennis but I don’t have anyone to play with but one person who I know won’t want to play today. I’d love to go walk around somewhere but I can’t get to the places I’d like to go, too far. I really am missing my grandparents today who’ve passed away, I’ve been having a hard time with it lately. Feel sick to my stomach from sadness today. I’ve tried being funny and upbeat so people don’t notice. I’m exhausted too, sleeping hasn’t been easy lately. Nightmares are out of control. I’m in a bad headspace today. Just want to feel important to someone. I don’t feel I matter today.

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Nov 7

There s nothing more rewarding than taking care of a dog or cat. Their love is unconditional. Try forcing yourself to volunteer at the humane society. I know that when you're in one of these moods, it's difficult to move. You just want to escape from yourself. Trust me, volunteering to care for an animal will do wonders for your loneliness and self worth. Do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It will change your life for the better. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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Nov 7

your not alone i been feeling lonely lately i miss having someone i can confide in

Nov 8

Thanks all for your words. I ended up taking some medication to help me sleep last night and feel asleep early but woke up several times. Today hasn't been much better. I just really wish someone would take me by surprise and do something out of the ordinary for me. I feel like i'm invisible in life right now. That what pains me are things that people no longer think about and yet here I am, in pain, lost in the dust of everyone else's life. I have a ton of laundry to do, dishes in my sink, and miscellaneous things around my house that I don't want to do because I just don't have the energy to do them for myself. Other people sure, but not me. I just want someone to come do them for me. To take something off my plate and my hands for a minute, even just once. The last few weeks have been like a mask I've put on. trying to be present for other people, support them, while news I got a few weeks ago about my driving has been soul crushing, among some feelings that this past weekend brought up. I just really need a good caring hug today. I just want for once someone to surprise me with something kind...I've done it for people but just feeling this week like i'm not worth the effort for people to show they care for me.

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