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I'm just crappy. I am finally on track with my life after 3

I'm just crappy. I am finally on track with my life after 3 years getting things straightened out and now single women see me as either a porn addict, video game addict and as a child without ever even taking the time to meet me or learn anything about me.
They treat me like I'm worthless despite the fact that I'm one of the hardest working and most honest, loyal men in my community. It's disgusting and is making me want to just give up on ever having wife or a happy life.

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Feb 12

we cannot control how others think of us. are you happy with you? confident in that? if so, that is more important. if you did have a serious relationship, and weren't happy with you, that relationship would not progress well. if you are, the confidence in that will make for a happy life, and may also play a role in someone else wanting to be a part of it

Feb 14

I think it's just being overly careful.. i think people naturally have to wonder, man or woman, why someone has been single a long time, but after its explained it can make sense.. if a guy i met told me he's been single for three years, i would naturally wonder why.. was something going on in their lives? with them mentally? why was relationship building not important to them at that point? If so, would putting a relationship on the backburner be something I would need to be wary of? Of course everyone has reasons and many are often good reasons.. if someone wanted to be in a relationship with me i'd want to make sure that them not focusing on a relationship was for a good reason because one day i might have to face a scenario where they put me on the backburner. just have to think about it in the opposite direction.. if i was a girl who hadn't cared to date for three years, wouldnt you want to know why and make sure it wasn't because i found my relationships less important than something else? i guess that just how i might look at it..

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