Second blog of 2019 IS OUT!!!!! "Facing reality after the holiday season"
Make sure to click READ MORE to see the full article. -SG or click BLOG on GREEN menu bar, a member asked us to follow up on our Life Hack and recommend ideas for someone over 60 could find/make meaningful connections, we came across this article. We liked it so much we thought we would share. Best-SG
Life Hack:

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Jan 26

I learned during my first week in Law School that politics and religion are not good topics to discuss. I never discussed these two subjects with my husband. It just wasn't healthy for us to talk about religion and/or Politics.

Jan 26

@NaMag - I live in Vancouver too! I moved here from Georgia in the US.. oh my gosh, it blows me away. People in georgia are always afraid to talk politics because there's always going to be a racist in the group that turns the whole conversation horrible. Here people joke with me about Trump so much. You would never do that where I live ithout thethreat of getting beat up. My mom has been a nurse for decades and her friends in Georgia alaways gang up on her and belittle her because she doesn't like trump. They talk crap about immigrants and having to pay taxes for state-owned children and say really racist stuff and it just makes me nauseous.. I hate that my mom has to hang out with those people.. I hope i never have to go back there.. half of my family as from Alabama.. homophobic, racist.. it made me so sick that I came from people like that.. I honestly wish i could never see them again, they make me ashamed of my family.

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Jan 27

@solitarybee Wow! Another Vancouverite! I thought the species was extinct, here on +support groups. Not that I think we're that different from Americans; at last the ones at +support groups. I have kept my mouth shut about Trump in some circles; unfortunately, I do not see a middle ground where he is concerned. Kinda like the way he is "running " ( ? ) the country; EXTREME. Whereabouts do you live? Actually, I live in Greater Vancouver; Richmond, to be exact. But I am planning a move because I can't afford to live here anymore. Probably as far east in Vancouver as I can go. I don't drive but the buses are really great in Vancouver. I will probably need to give some of my stuff up because I'm looking for a basement suite and my stuff is too big. We have gay-bashing here too; and there have been many allegations toward the police for excessive violence- and deaths- when someone was committing a crime. Canada is far from perfect- the abuse suffered by indigenous people in residential schools is just one example. Negotiations between indigenous people and the Canadian government over land stripped from them by early frontiers has been going on forever and doesn't seem to be making much headway. So we can't talk about the discrimination towards black Americans without looking in our own backyard. I am horrified by the way some people talk about "them" and "us." Metaphysical speaker, Louise Hay, said it's all "us." I loved that. There are people in my family who have made questionable remarks that I later realized were directed at me. At first I was angry but since they were my former husband's family I don't have to be around them anymore, which is a great relief.
I am so glad to have found +support groups. I was crazy lonely and looking for face-to-face support groups for some of my issues. Which I couldn't find. Then I started looking for online support groups and found +support groups, which has been my salvation when I need to connect with someone who shares my issues. So glad to meet you!

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