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Hey guys , i just need some answer .. 1. i need to make my

Hey guys , i just need some answer ..
1. i need to make my self free
i am very alone and i am going crazy like kill my self
2. idk u gyus have this feeling like when u look at a girl/ boy .. think that .. that you are not beautiful or she/he dosent like you or...
i always hate this and for this ... i try to not look .. yesterday i saw a beautiful girl .. that she look at me for many times but i am too shy and run away ... gosh i hate that .. i want to change everything idk where but i will... please give some advise ..
thanks .. i owe you guys.. a big oneā¤

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North45's picture
Jul 14

Hey. Maybe it has nothing to do with how beautiful the girl is. How is your self-esteem and your confident? From what you wrote, it doesn't sound like you trust yourself enough to attract beautiful girls. that's not gonna help.Girls are not attracted to things (at least the real ladies), they are attracted by your confidence. If you wear your confidence, I can guarantee you don't need much to find yourself a date and girlfriend. Xo good luck

Jul 16

@North45 thanks , i feel better

wellwellwell's picture
Jul 16

Dude, listen to this
It is a skill, that you can learn. It's all about, being able to "Talk to strangers", it's like a salesman skill, you can develop it. Best of luck.


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