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So it's been a month since my ex broke up with me. During th

So it's been a month since my ex broke up with me. During the first weeks he was still talking to me but now he rarely does because he said he needs to focus on his personal issues and his coming exams in graduate school. He sent a message this morning that he's trying to "move on" so he avoids talking to me but he also tells me that he still has feelings for me and doesn't want to completely close doors on our future together. It's really confusing me. :(

He's the one who told me to broaden my circle of friends (because I really have no close friends) but I don't know why I feel weird when I chat or meet with other people. I watched a movie with a guy last weekend though I made it clear to him that I am just really looking for someone to watch that movie with on theaters. I even insisted to pay for my own ticket and dinner just to make sure that I don't want to raise expectations for anything romantic or sexual. So as planned we just ate dinner and watched the movie. Thank God he wasn't a creepy perv. Though I don't understand why I feel guilty. I am single and I know I have the right to meet or talk to other people but it feels that it isn't right. I don't know why. Also, even if I'm with someone else, I can't get my ex off my mind. :(

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Oct 9

@sunfloweeer I'm sorry for what you are going through. Break ups are really difficult and it takes time to heal. :(

Oct 9

@Acel32 send u a request to support me

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Oct 10

@Acel32 Thank you. This site is new to me. Just joined it yesterday and not sure I know how to send a PM on here but I may try later. You can feel free to send me one too if you want to. It won't cost anything except our electricity. :) I was considering going to a counselor here just to have someone to talk to about this situation and how I'm hurting but there's only two that take Medicare payments and they're full. I don't think I could afford the extra 20% anyway. I keep reminding myself this isn't forever. But it sure hurts right now, doesn't it.


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