So I had a epiphany last night as to why I'm just so hung up

So I had a epiphany last night as to why I'm just so hung up on the last guy I was really talking to. I kept telling myself that I needed to leave him alone and I always put this wall up when I was around him but now it all makes sense a couple days before we stopped talking I told him I was falling for him but now I realize that I actually fell for him like head over boots in love with him and I have no idea how and why in such a short amount of time. But somehow it happened. And now he's got a girlfriend and I cant tell him how I actually feel. So I thought Id tell yall so that at least someone knows how I feel.

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Oct 10, 2017

I guess you could say I'm talking to someone else now

Oct 10, 2017

Hugs. I know how you feel. Time heals all wounds. Best wishes ❤️

Oct 10, 2017

Be positive, destiny must be having something better in its pockets which will surely make you full of life , you just have to be yourself and wait for the right thing will come to you.


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