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lately i've been single since a woman i was with of about 5

lately i've been single since a woman i was with of about 5 years sort of secretly then we were engaged to be married. We had our ups and downs but due to my lying to her mainly because of her intuition that i've never dealt with before she only wants to be a friend. She has confused me at times and i just don't know what to do. I will continue to help her as a friend and be there for her. I am on the verge of giving up but at the same time i'm wanting to gain back what i've lost by changing my life around. I am working on doing what is right in life instead of doing all the wrong things. I used to be a good Christian but now i've gone totally to the secular part of this world. I have decided to work things out on my life and get back into doing what is right and that means Renewing my life with God. Cleaning up my act and doing whats right for my son and even visiting my Brothers in Prison. No matter what has been done wrong in my life and theirs a family is a family and friends in my opinion are family as long as we stick together.

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BBBre123's picture
Aug 14

@mrjcool39 You're welcome, I wish you all the best. If you ever need to talk, I'm around. Also, it's okay to not be friends with her either if it's something you're not comfortable with, you know? Prove it to yourself.

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Aug 14

@mrjcool39 it sounds like you have some great goals there, GOD, yourself and your son. keep up the good work. just remember, keep working on progress, don't focus on perfection.

Aug 15

@Griz75 I know i'm not perfect but i do need to focus on those goals as well as stop my habits on lying to my friends. I hope I can do so and maybe just even if its possible marry this woman completely. I really want that with all my heart but i want to do it in a Godly manner and not for lust of the Flesh.


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