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I feel really let down and hurt by my extended family (see m

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I feel really let down and hurt by my extended family (see my earlier post about them) during this period of coronavirus. I’m seeing their true colors. As I mentioned before, it’s a big group of us all living in the same area (all within 20 mins driving distance of each other). No one has reached out to me during this time, not even a “hey, how’s it going.” I guess I could’ve reached out to them first, but they KNOW that I’m hurt with them for judging me. I used to have personal, one-on-one relationships with almost all of them. Now I can see how much they actually care about me...they don’t. :(

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Apr 6

Thanks for the response. The way they've been acting is very disappointing. Someone suggested in another post to reach out to my friend so I texted her. We'll see. Like I said, this period seems to bring out peoples true nature. One of my co-workers has been really supportive lately. Which is ironic because she used to annoy the heck out of me. Another co-worker offered to give me toilet paper. Someone I am not even close to at all. I declined because I still had some left and felt guilty. Then, during a conversation with another co-worker, someone whom I have worked closely with for several years, told me that they have plenty of toilet paper at Costco. When I asked if they would buy me some, since I do not have a membership, they wouldn't do it because it was too inconvenient. Ouch. Sadly, my family are business type people who earn way more than I can imagine earning and think the type of work I do, or rather the population I work with, is a waste of time. I am totally new to on line anything, including this site, but am really touched by all the nice comments people have left me. I'm definitely not happy with my life and was taking steps to change it. I finished school and was job searching for something better . Although I love the population I work with, I do not like where I work. This has obviously been put on hold. I have thought a lot about moving to another state, but was reluctant because I didn't want to be that far from my family. Now I'm really reconsidering. I know I'm not a loser, but it's hard when your own family treats you like you are. I honestly don't know why it effects me so much. I have very, very, very little in common with them. We are kind of opposites actually.

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23 hours ago

Awww I’m sorry. It’s clear that you’re someone who cares about people a lot, whether it’s coworkers or family or the population of people you work with. That’s great. It’s too bad that your family can’t see that and is so judgmental...just like mine. I think because it’s family, you’re naturally going to care a lot about how they treat you and what they think, no matter what. It shows you have a heart. Just don’t let them bring you down too much. In terms of your job, it sounds like you have some pretty good ideas of what you want/don’t want, so I think you’ll figure it out and things will work themselves out :)

17 hours ago

It's sad that family connection is not like the past. Computers make it more distant even though it's actually easier and immediate. But everyone is busy trying to compete and cope. Part of my family's communication problem is due to narc control behavior growing up. I been enlightened to abuse when talking to a counselor. Guess I thought all families were dysfunctional.


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