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I've come to realize things about my wife that I thought wer

I've come to realize things about my wife that I thought were true actually are and I'm not sure if I can deal with it. I need some advice from a woman perspective because I am totally lost and would rather understand where she's coming from rather than be angry. I want my family more than anything please help me.

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Apr 16

I feel I am on the opposite side of you, sw913. My husband does not give me any attention or love, not like I need. Its not that I am a woman, and I don't need constant attention, but I remember being kissed only 1 time in over a year. We don't go on dates, I know almost impossible with the stay at home order, but I think if he truly wanted to, he could find a way. I don't need him to give me constant attention, just moments throughout the day to show me his love. A kiss when I'm cooking dinner, or maybe snuggle with a movie once a month. Or even to hear the words I love you, without me having to say them first. A little bit goes a long way, at least with me. But my husband suffers from Alexithymia, so its almost impossible to have a normal relationship with him unless he seeks help, which i now realize he does not care enough to. He is comfortable with me being his roommate, nothing more is needed. I will support you.

Apr 16

I can't imagine not even a single kiss all year. I am glad you are seeking support and help from others, I decided to do the same because I was losing myself and it was consuming me. I'm also sorry to hear he doesnt care enough about you to get help, that's something that crushed my soul. I am here if you need to talk. Good luck with your situation, try to find something to take your mind off of it if possible.

Apr 17

How have you been holding up these past few days ?


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