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Going to a marriage counselor tomorrow alone because h think

Going to a marriage counselor tomorrow alone because h thinks he doesn't need therapy and I'm the crazy one. Honestly I'm not going because he thinks so, I'm going to get clarification on things. Basically to prove to myself that I'm not the crazy one in this relationship. Let's see what the therapist has to say, I'll update you guys soon! Please pray for me and my h!!

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Jules21's picture
Feb 17, 2017

Beautiful pic!! ❤

Feb 17, 2017

LOL. You reminded me of my husband refusing to go to the therapist because he "did not want to be told he is wrong".

LOL. Now I laugh at the time I cried and went alone.

Sdiamond1026's picture
Feb 17, 2017

I'm curious, what did the therapist say?


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