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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been active but I wanted to

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been active but I wanted to let y’all know what happened.

*Trigger warning*

I was kidnapped. Last week these two girls picked me up, duct tape my mouth and tied my hands behind my back with a rope, they threw me in the back of their pickup truck and drove to an abandoned warehouse where they raped me. They did this for a couple days and I could not escape. The next day they didn’t show up for hours and I was able to release myself. I called the cops. They came at just the right moment where the girls came back and started fu**ing me again. The cops arrested them. The cops felt so bad for me after seeing that and everything else that’s happened to me that they have found me a cheap motel to stay in and that they are willing to help pay for it. It’s not the greatest but at least I have a bed, ac and heat and plumbing.

Griz75's picture
Sep 16

i am glad you have a place for now. glad they caught the women.

Sep 16

Hope you're okay now. Those women should be punished and I hope that you're given all the care that you need and that you can get help. Anyway how is your health? The last time they tested you covid-19 positive are you able to get the medical attention you need? Living under those circumstances might worsen your health

Sep 16

@Griz75 I concur Griz .....I am glad you are in a better space. Dege...I hope healing can happen for you may take some time patient and be gentle with yourself.......lots of care to you. Glad you were able to post again.


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