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Hey guys how have yall been? Me up and down. Now I'm just a

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Hey guys how have yall been?
Me up and down. Now I'm just at the point of what's the point.... I'm 28 dead end job. Single raising my kid alone. Everyone is living life and I feel like I'm slowly dying...

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Jun 21

Sorry for the delay. It took me almost fifty years to answer that question For me the answer is what I do now. I teach workforce training to persons returning to the workforce from prison and other hardships. It allows me every day to use my love of teaching and helping with my former IT skills. The best part is it changes lives!!! When I was younger, I wanted to be everybody else, and it drained me. Then about five years ago I had a real hard talk with myself. Then I took the assessment and rebuilt myself from the ground up and retooled myself for this career. Still working on the weight loss part though

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Jun 21

Hello, My brothers. I know you were going through rough times now but hear this for a minute. Right now each of you are dads. What legacy do you want to write for your kids? If you want them to know success, then you must first have success!! There are no straight lines in life just a bunch of crooked lines that sometimes take you to dead-end jobs and a river full of sad emotions. While your kids are young, take the time to find YOU. In the end, the better YOU are, the better THEY will be. If you're at a dead end job because of education, then make a plan to get it. (I teach GED/TASC, and I can help in that area) If its just from a past choice then F___ that. That your prior CLAIM your future. I know it sounds like just talk. However, after doing it with my own life, the one thing I can tell you is standing still beating yourself up about decisions long gone get you nowhere. I'm not preaching my brothers just telling you from the heart of a person whose lost everything and had to rebuild while being 620lbs. Now I'm 480 and going down. Your kids need you at your best, and that means HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. My heart and prayers are with all of you.

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Jun 22

How are you feeling?


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