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I feel as though I am not getting anywhere in finding someon

I feel as though I am not getting anywhere in finding someone who likes me, even as a friend. Most people just are done with me. Every time I try to make new friends its either the same or they from the beginning want nothing to do with me. This happens in person and online. Just feels like I have no one and always will. I of course dont say this when i meet people or try to show it. Just the constant rejection makes me feel like Im so pathetic and worthless since even at 30, I cant even say I have 1 friend

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Jul 2

That's true, we are all different and its impossible for me or anyone else to totally understand your personal feelings and what your going through. But I do believe each of us has a value in God's eyes and there is evidence that he cares about you and what you are going through. How do you feel about that thought ?

Jul 2

People are not missing what you are saying. They relate to your hurt but they also know that there is a way out of the hurt and it can be done by you alone no matter what your life experiences may have been.

If you are expecting people on this site to side with your sense of pessimism about life, you have come to the wrong place. We don’t ghost or ignore people. We try to provide them with a sense of optimism and we hope that some of our experiences might resonate with them.

We know you can decide to be happy within yourself with or without others. There are some good suggestions in this dialog for you to do that. It's a choice. We all hope you will choose moving towards happiness.

6 hours ago

I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. Friendships, the way we want them, can sometimes be difficult to obtain. We are here and are happy to talk to you and support you. Big hugs!!


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