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What do you do when the hardcore loneliness sets in? I have

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What do you do when the hardcore loneliness sets in? I have no pet to cuddle up to tho I wish I did.

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Jun 29

I try to talk to my friends on phone or go visit family.

Jun 30

I go for a walk. Sometimes round the shops. Just seeing people outside helps quite a lot even if its just a temporary fix.

Even if its night time, sometimes seeing other houses reminds me there are other people nearby.. which weirdly helps a little. the walk is also so good for mental health it helps me a lot

Jun 30

I experienced that on Sunday. The loneliness was palpable. It's gut wrenching. I get extra lonely on weekends because everyone is out and about with their friends and Im alone. All the time. Alone.

So I got up and went to Wendy's and got my fav sandwich and then I drove around, looking at pretty trees and a lake.

It got me out of my funky vibe and out of my apartment.

Didn't cure my lack of friends, but lifted the sadness.

Someone once told me that stagnant energy will stay stagnant until it's stirred up. So I remembered that on Sunday and decided to shower, put on fresh clothes (even tho the emotional pain made me want to just lie there), and went outside.

I hope some of those suggestions help a little bit. I care about you from afar because I know what you're going thru. xoxo


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