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I'm some tired of my disability I'm to mak Braintree and for

I'm some tired of my disability I'm to mak Braintree and forming a relationship with anyone is very difficult AI either think a judge me or didn't my disability I Don't understand or the fear I won't in so they don't give me a chance

Nov 16

@Survivor Hi and welcome to SG. I also have LD. One of the things you will find helpful is to work on overcoming your fear others wont like you. The reason you want to do this is because when you are afraid you will attract what you fear. For example, if you believe others wont like you, you will attract people who don’t like you.

How do you change that? You can do that by creating a positive intention which is the opposite of your current belief. The intention might be –

I am accepted by everyone I meet

Start to repeat your intention frequently during your day, immediately before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning. By frequently I mean 300 or 400 hundred times per day. If you find you are having thoughts about people not liking you, stop them immediately and start to repeat your positive intention.

Be in a good mood when you repeat your intention. You can get in a good mood by thinking of something that made you happy. Believe that your intention is going to work.

Continue to repeat your intention day and night until it becomes habit and eventually it will become automatic – it will repeat itself without any effort on your part. When you reach that point (for most people it takes about 30 days) you will find that people will start to accept you as you are. They will stop rejecting you.

Then you can go about your life knowing that you will be accepted by others. You will realize that the only thing that was holding you back in relationships was your negative belief. You will start to feel much more confident about yourself as well. Just keep your positive intention going and enjoy your new life.

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