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Hi all- First post. I was arrested tonight. I've been

Hi all-

First post. I was arrested tonight.

I've been struggling with klepto for most of my life. I'm 31, and have found it increasingly hard to resist yoinking things. There's some techniques I try to avoid it. But tonight I succumbed, and was caught in a deeply shameful, embarrassing, and public arrest in my very small town.

I feel absolutely destroyed. I don't know how to go on after this. I just hate myself so deeply. I don't know how to sit with this feeling. I don't feel deserving of anything in my life, instead I feel like a despicable failure and a morally repugnant human being. I'm shattered.

Jan 19

Hi..i wish i knew what to say to you. If you took something from me and i read your post i would not look down upon you i would have empathy with you as i have. On a practical mote were you able to come to arrangement with the police? Have had access to professional help? The fact that you are trying to resist and mot giving up on it says a lot about you, keep resisting it. Have compassion with yourself. Think of all the times you succeeded in resisting. That is someone who is very deserving? If you give back the things you take to the people you too it from you can help people to understand and even change the world's view on kleptomania.

Feb 11

I understand your pain and shame... I am 50 and have not fought the good fight against my illness. But I have reached a crossroads and with the help of my wife for interceding, I am seeking professional help.
I wish you luck and pray you will find a better path as well.


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