Hello, i am norma. im fifteen. ive been cutting for 3 years. i want to share my story all over the world because i believe in a thing called hope. online support groups are amazing me to me, i wish more people would join in them. ive tried to stop cutting but nothing has worked but i can tell you that my friends are a big support. cutting is not a way out, its a bad habit. im a big supporter of TWLOHA. i believe that recovery is possible and so is treatment. taking the first step to recovering is the hardest but it gets better i promise. if you feel the need to cut, talk or text me. message me for my number. i will always be here wether i know you or not. i love helping people. and i will try my best to help you in any way possible.

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i havent cut since 08 but i REALLY struggle at 30 but i started cutting when i was about ur age.can i have ur number,email and if u r on facebook will u add me?? shanna host,[email protected] if u email me i will give u my number if u want it.i am also a BIG texter also.

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Do you have any advice for people who know cutters? I have a friend who goes back and forth through depression and cutting. I want to help her, but I rarely know what to do.

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i started cutting about 2 years ago and i recently stopped, school is starting up, the girl i love is rejecting me, and about a week ago i was in a bad wreck that totaled my car and now has me going to a chiropractor every other day... my whole life is falling apart and the urge to cut is greater than ever before. Any advice?

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Thank you "There is Hope" for posting your honesty. I've been cutting since I was 20 and I am now 37yrs old. I have trouble controlling it and hiding it. Making new stories to cover it up is getting difficult. I am not sure how to stop either. I pray and read my Bible alot which seems to help a lot, big time. When I get stressed i want to grab a knife and start carving away. It feels so **** good for awhile. I feel so very alone in this mess. I feel very messed up inside and can't seem to get rid of this dirtiness inside of me. I guess thats why I cut. Shame! I am here to learn, listen and support. Peace to the other survivors out there. I believe a lot of cutters come from a sexually abusive background. Atleast thats what I've learned so far. Hope this helps, Cy

I'm 37yrs old. I'm big into cycling and swimming. Ocassional bodyboarding when I can get to some waves. I enjoy being outside in the woods, mountains, and ocean.

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Hello, I feel a little odd because I hear so much about people who cut themselves are so young. I'm in my 30's and I began cutting myself a couples years ago. I went through a lot of things in my life as a child I was abused physically and emotionally by my father up until the age of 21.. I felt like I didn't have a voice. My dad never really allowed me to express my feelings and I took that into being a adult. When I cut myself for the first time I felt like all that was bottled inside was released and I began to do it everytime I became stressed. I choose not to share this with people because I feel weird and really I don't want help. I just need to share my pain with others who can relate to how I feel..

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Hello Norma, I am so glad you have finally realized it is not the way out - I really feel proud for you. This problem is known to me, as I am a psychologist, and I helped a lot of cutters and got them back to normal life. I wish you the best of luck and happiness, and I am also here to talk for everyone who needs it.
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im 17 and i started cutting 3 years ago and it seems like no matter how hard i try i always go back to it and it turned from trying to feel something to an addiction.... i really need someone to talk to.
because i believe there is hope if i could just talk to some people with the same problem.

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This is really hard for me to type. I have cut myself since college (almost 10 years ago). I struggled
with it again a few years ago. I felt numb constantly and I either used it to feel something or to punish myself
when I felt worthless (which is pretty frequently). Not many of my friends/family know about this. When I first told some of them (including my ex-wife) flat out called me stupid. Luckily the friends I have now are amazing and don't judge me and have supported me through this struggle. However, at one point, I looked for a group of people who have gone through something similar so I could talk to them. I just need someone to talk to so I know I am not losing it and to help me cope. Therapists can only help so much. Thank you to anyone who listens to me and let me know if you want to talk.

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I started cutting myself when I was 13.I had the support from my friends and some of my closed teachers. But I had no support when I got home. When I was at home I had to be in my room, or at the library. They blame me for everything. There where some days that I didn't want to go home! When things got bad at my house I ran away to a friends or a teachers house. I'm tiring so hard to not cut anymore, but its so hard when you have good days and there are bad days. I will always fight the feelings when I get if I want to cut. If any of you out there that needs some support I'm hear. Maybe if you want to email your number, we can help each other out. My email is [email protected] I would like to get your number, I'm also a texter.

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I recently started cutting and I am 25. I was abused by my husband mentally and emotionally and now going through a painful divorce could this be my way of getting all the inner pain out? When I am frusterated and upset I grab the box cutter because I can't help it. I don't do it everyday but it's gotten worse. I live with family and had them hide them from me but the other night snuck around to find one. I feel like a drug addict looking for something to get high on. A lot of people assume cutting is for attention but I do it where no one can see it. I would do my wrists but I'm too ashamed. I wish there was a support group near me but maybe online will help. I do have hope.


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