Try being a 40-year-old, never been kissed virgin

It's no place to be.

But, I'm holding onto my faith that my romantic soulmate is out there.

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Some people say that you have to be proactive to find a mate, some people say it happens when you least expect it, others say you have to be whole yourself first to attract to right person. But what do I know?=) I am single. I see the goodness in you and I know someone else will too.

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Thanks, waterfall.

I don't believe in the bar scene, so if I'm not in a work setting, I don't see how romance can happen.

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(Sigh) I never liked the bar scene either, even when I was in college. I heard there is a growing percentage of people meeting on the internet. Very scary, I know. But it is scary any which way. Clubs? Meetup groups? In person support groups? Car wash? LOL. I really don't know, and I have no interest in meeting someone right now, even though I probably should. (Biological clock, tick tock, tick tock) (Shoulder shrug)

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Speed dating? LOL Can you imagine? but hey, whatever works.

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I've done the personal ad thing, nada, zip. I once pressed a like button (not even a letter, just like a bookmark kind of thing) and the guy was online at the time and within 5 minutes unliked me. That was good for the old self-esteem.

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some people just suck.

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So, I'll just wait for the planets to be aligned and this guy will just "magically" show up.

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Hi there; sumtimes it is hard to understand how or why people kan meet, My Aunt is 56 or 57 now. She is very active, does lotz of church functions and volintear work and does comunity plays. she is very smart, pretty, great sense of humor and has a lot to offer and she even tried going on eharmony for a whole year and nothing kame of it. Although she has been with one man when she was in her 30's but that was it. It'z odd how that happens, and the bars and clubs aren't that great usually don't wanna make a lasting relationship out of anyone u meet there.

And i would have to agree with waterfall there sum people do suck

*The Lone Kat*
~Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.

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