why am I so hard to please?

I have a good man in my life, but yet, I'm not happy, In my opinion , any woman would love to have a man like mine, He treats me like a queen, he will wait on me hand & foot, give me foot massages, clean the house, yard work, pretty much anything I ask of him, he will do.
But yet I find my patience to be very short with him, I tend to lose my tempter very quickly, and yell at him all the time, I have a fear of getting to close to anyone, and we been together over 2 years. I have to admit I am more intelligent than him and find myself getting so irritated with him, I just wanna end it and walk away.I have little patience for people in general, I find it hard to just go to the store, I have to block out everyone around me to a point, just to keep my anxiety level down , my temper flares up rather quick for no reason, from something simple as someone looking at me weird, I get really defensive in a matter of seconds, I know I'm bipolar but have yet to be put on Medication for this.

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Hey. I am in the same situation as you when it comes to having a good man in my life. He treats me so well, but yet I am not 100% happy. I don't know what it is, but to me it seems as though he cannot got his life together. He never finished his getting any sort of college degree, and is stuck working at job that he does not like but cant leave because no place will hire him. My patience is running thin, and I feel like I should be with someone who has an idea what they want in their future.

Being bipolar is very stressful on anyone because you cannot help the way your react to various situations. Have you considered going on medication to help your symptoms? If you choose not to, try working out. I excercise 5-6 times a week, and it really helps work through some much needed aggravation.

Even yoga is a terrific tatic to easing stress. It will calm you, relax you, and kick in those endorphins.

I hope some of my ideas are helpful to you, hang in there!!

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Well Thank You for your comment, Mine has not even finished High School, He is learning Disabled and quit in the middle of 11th grade , due to being picked on. Yeah I knew he was "slow" when we first met, But Oh My God, after 2 years, He still does the same things I ask him not to do, Like ask me a question I just told him, But he rewords it, but basically it is the same thing I Just Said, if that makes sense to you, I pushed him to do something he has always to do, and he failed at that, He has "NO" backbone when it comes to standing up for himself, I seem to be constantly screaming at him 24/7, He is working nights now , and I know when he gets up , a stupid question is gonna be asked, So I am already irritated with him before he asks, as for the exercise, I have a job that involves a lot of manual labor , that helps to a point, but when I get home, it just starts all over again.


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