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My dad's so annoying, I feel like he's getting more and more


My dad's so annoying, I feel like he's getting more and more controlling as I get older (some in different ways than when I was younger.) When I was younger, like in elementary school, he wouldn't allow me to have friends over, or have sleepovers/parties, he would put time restrictions on my computer, and block certain channels on the TV, he used to spank me a lot when he got mad at me, most of the time, until I was crying etc. The more disturbing thing is, in my elementary school days, I remember very clearly, that he would always try to catch me n***d, like purposely walk into the bedroom when I was changing, walk into the bathroom while I was on the toilet or in the shower, he would, a lot of times, even peak into the shower when he was asking me something. I didn't understand much about it at that time but when I got older, like in recent years, my mom met a medium and she would sometimes ask me about him, depending on the situation we were dealing with. Most of the time, my mom is in the room during the sessions but if it was too private or I didn't feel comfortable sharing in front of my mom, she would ask if my mom could step outside. There was this one time, I remember we were dealing with something about my dad's anger issues and she had asked me if he's always been this overprotective about me and I said yes. She, then, asked this very disturbing question, it was something like, "did your dad ever want to see you naked before?" I was shocked at how she could've known that, got super embarassed and didn't answer for a good minute or two, pretending to think. She, then, asked me if I'd feel better if my mom wasn't here and I nodded. My mom went outside the room and I spilled everything to her, anything from him spanking me, to always trying to catch me naked. She, then, asked one of the most disturbing questions I've ever heard and that I would never think that that was what my dad was getting at...She asked me if he had ever tried to rape me, which I honestly answered, "I don't think so." To this day, he still is super overprotective of me, wouldn't let me hang out with friends he didn't know, if I do, he asks me a bunch of questions, "when are you coming home? do I know the kid? show me a pic if I don't know them. don't be out too long, etc" It's even worse if there's a guy around that he doesn't know. I have a really close guy friend from school that I've known for about 8 years now, and he's the only guy besides our family friend's son, that he's ok with me hanging out with. If there's another guy he doesn't know about or he doesn't like, he always asks me "Why do you hang out with guys so much? Is there gonna be a guy? don't you have any female friends to hang out with? etc" he also tries to touch me any way he can, hug me, kiss me (on the cheek) grab my hand, etc, I've become super uncomfortable when he does that, and just says, "no, stop it, let go!" My mom also knows he does this, and always says, "she's already grown up, why do you still do this to her?" but he never listens.

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Jun 12

This is beyond weird and is abusive and controlling! You really need to work on getting out of his house!


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