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I wasn't always so jealous and insecure but I am so insecure

I wasn't always so jealous and insecure but I am so insecure at this point any pretty girl feels like a threat to me. I know it's all in my head but it still really affects me :/ help?

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Feb 9, 2018

I totally agree. I think my H is attracted to everyone else but me.

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Feb 9, 2018

I was very jealous, but I somehow wore it off. Give it time, try monitoring and stopping yourself, but don't be to hard on yourself.
It might take a while. Good luck!

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Feb 13, 2018

I'm so sorry you feel this way! I completely understand where you are coming from. I was never all that secure, but lately I have been out of my head jealous and worried my husband doesn't love me any more. I know about self-acceptance and unconditional self love, but I can't bring myself there. If you find any techniques please share! I feel like I actually get MORE annoyed with all of the 'positive affirmations' self-help tells me to do. I read and laugh at it like "yeah, whatever."


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