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So my boyfriend decided to add his friends ex girlfriend on

So my boyfriend decided to add his friends ex girlfriend on facebook and he told me that they just broke up, Should i be worried?, because shes from a city and we live in a small town, he claims that hes going to see his specialist on the northside of the city but idk, should i be worried?

sonk's picture
Jun 14

Yup, you should be worried, but just know that him knowing that you are worried wont work in your favour. At the end of the day, men choz confident women with self esteem, tell yourself you are better than her that's why he's with you now. If she comes up in a convo while you with him be calm don't sound challenged or scared that you might loz him to her make it sound like you are the queen and he'd be a fool goin back to a loser

Jedwardscoach's picture
Jun 14

@anyone @sonk Solid advice, you may also want to just address the issue, ask him if he would appreciate you conversing with your exes. Don't be accusatory, but tell him that you dont like what he's doing, not because you are threatened but because you feel it is disrespectful. If he is a quality man, he will understand and make an effort to change.

Good luck and know that I am hear of you need to talk.

Jun 14

Except its not his ex, its his friends ex and shes now single


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