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Hello, Joined a few hours ago after thinking about my alcoho

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Hello, Joined a few hours ago after thinking about my alcohol addiction and a sleepless night. Semi-retired, I normally stay up all night, go to sleep around daybreak, sleep a few hours, and the repeat the drinking and staying up until daybreak again. This morning I briefly introduced myself in the alcohol group and spent reading posts and responding to half a dozen or so. I fell asleep around 9am for a couple of hours and drifted in and out of sleep with my laptop on my lap. Had a strange enjoyable dream wish I could remember. Going to read a few entries in this group and may respond to a few, but no time like I had this morning. I need to some work at home. What I got so far from both groups that is source for consideration. It helps to pinpoint what makes me drink and what keeps me up at night. I know that when I stop drinking, I sleep longer and better. Best wishes. Peace.

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Oct 9

Drank less than usual today. Goal is lights out no later than 1pm and meditating until I fall asleep. Good night for now to fellow insomniacs. Peace


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