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3 1/2 hours in the gym working my body to exhaustion and I s

3 1/2 hours in the gym working my body to exhaustion and I still cant sleep. Feel like stuffing my face with fatty foods to feel better but I cant since I'm trying to lose weight.

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17 hours ago

@bebobaBetty haha I said I was going to get the family bundle but now that I've slept I just just had some chicken. I still want to stuff my face, but it's not as bad as when I'm sleep deprived. Maybe I just need some sugar to make myself feel better.

16 hours ago

Have you heard of Tamazepam?

14 hours ago

@SmileyGirl248 no I haven't but I've tried other drugs for sleep. I think I've tried up to 10 different ones now. Plus I dont want to have to rely on drugs for the rest of my life. I wish I could solve the core of what causes my insomnia.


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