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I’ve noticed something that helps for my sleep so I’m go

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I’ve noticed something that helps for my sleep so I’m going to share. Turmeric root. I get it from Amazon. They look like little worms. I peel it and eat it like a carrot at night. This is an anti-inflammatory so I think that it helps because of that. 1/2 a bulb. Then put the rest in a ziplock bag in freezer for later.
I add this to all of the other things that I do for sleep. And I’ve noticed every time that I take this without being too full of food as well, that I sleep much better.
Slept 10 hrs because I was so relaxed.
Sleep helps with weight loss Because it balances your hormones and gives us an overall feeling of well-being.
Jumped out of bed feeling great. So I had to share this. Does this make any sense to you? Any questions? Hope it helps.

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Nov 21

Had so much energy today that I got a good walk in. I’m feeling great.
How was your day? Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? I think I’m gonna just go out to eat on my own for the first time in a long time. It will be nice. I didn’t think I was going to wanna eat the whole Thanksgiving dinner, but now I think I will. Why not. It’s just one day a year. So enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. And then go for a nice long walk the next day.

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Nov 26

Turmeric is really good for diabetics. It helps lower the blood sugar naturally instead of taking insulin. If you aren't diabetic, make sure you have something sugary like a piece of candy if you start feeling weak or light headed.

Nov 27

One other thing to note about turmeric is that it is better absorbed in supplement form. Specifically, forms that are hydro-soluble.


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