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yesterday someone here posted "confused, angry, want revenge

yesterday someone here posted "confused, angry, want revenge" Simple, yet concise and powerful. I replied to the OP that I had similar thoughts and that I still do. The anger, the sadness, the thoughts of hurting the person who hurt me like that. But, as i have mentioned in my original reply, i have never went through those thoughts. The thoughts of hurting that person, that is. For a long while I didnt know why I couldnt go through with it, but my reasoning ranged from laziness to cowardice. Yesterday i thought about it a lot and I think i know now for sure why I didnt do it. Why I did not exact revenge on her. it is because i am not that person. I believe when chips are down, when you are at your lowest, when you are in the darkest recess of your soul..your true being comes out. And I think most of us here wouldnt never cheat on our spouses or betray them not because you have a false sense of righteousness but it is just not you. We are not them. Betrayal is a slow poison and it kills you slowly, but it never kills your essence as a human being.

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Aug 14

@Mainegenie that is them. Honestly, i do not believe they can change. One day or another that part of their personality will rear its ugly head, it is only a matter of time. But I understand your point, and i agree to a point it destroyed a lot of parts of me, but that one last part of me i cant let her or this world take away. Hope you one day find peace.

Aug 14

I wanted revenge myself, but it will only hurt me. Let God handle the vengeance for you.

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Aug 15

@aberdeendreams Thanks so much. I agree it did not destroy your soul, just your spouses. I can now see, after so many years that my W's bad behavior has continued in one form or another and will not change. Instead she is waiting for me to change believe it or not. Our problems stem from her lack of communication and my need to find out why and what happened. My betrayal 24 step list my "T" gave me says that unless she is (1) committed to me 100% and (2) must do whatever it is I need and our M needs to survive that I must release her and go on my way. She has done neither of these things. Thanks so much for the e-mail. I do not know your story, tell me if you like, I will listen 200% but I do hope you find peace too. Mainegenie


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