Yesterday I had very powerful conversation with my husband.


Yesterday I had very powerful conversation with my husband. We go back to court this Friday. We talked about the baby and he gave me the reasons why he chose not to be part of her life.
1. It wasn't a child he had with me.
2. He wouldn't be able look at her , hold her or take care of her.
3. It would be a reminder of painful mistake he made.
4. It's would be to detrimental our family physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
5. As our sanctuary in our home those 2 names will not be mentioned no longer.
6. When his daughter is old enough. If she decides to find her dad my husband will be truthful and honest with her why he couldn't be a part of his life.
7. Most importantly he wants to focus on our marriage our family and our future.

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Sep 14

@Marathemoabite I don't believe it's lame. He's already repented for his previous mistake and they will be paying child support. Now he has manned up and is working hard to restore his marriage and family. That takes a lot of courage on his part. He's also made it clear all along that he hasn't wanted anything to do with this child. This is actually the way the majority of men feel when a woman falls pregnant trying to snare him. That is probably the #1 reason why women shouldn't be having sex prior to marriage much less having sex with a already MM. Birth control is readily available and men really don't mind using it when it's just for sex.

@Snsa It sounds like a good well thought out plan. (((Hugs)))

Sep 14

@Bee4bdn thank you so much. You have been have such a great supporter for this group. I know you've been for me.

Sep 14

@Piwo33 sorry you have to go through all that. You sound like a wonderful man.


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