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Who has dealt with an emotional affair, not a physical affai

Who has dealt with an emotional affair, not a physical affair? How has this affected you? How have you dealt with it. I see a lot of posts about physical affairs and not many about emotional affairs. How have you dealt with the emotional betrayal? What did the emotional affair entail? Looking for people who understand what I’m going through.

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Nov 14

@Stuck2011 my h's was also about that long. I found the texts. He was also contacting her every day at work and texting and sexting her all day long. She lives about 5 hours away and he knew he was so wrong. He's felt guilty since I found out and has been doing everything to make it up. It makes me ill to think about the things I read. And I worry what happens if he sees her bc he goes to her office for work prolly once or twice a year. So I have to believe he's being honest and that's so difficult.

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Nov 14

My H Affair was mostly emotional with a tad bit of sexual shenanigans tossed in. In other words they didn’t F—k and he kept his zipper up.

Nov 14

My situation is pretty similar and I feel for you. It’s very painful and I know what you’re going through. My D Day was three weeks ago so this is still fresh. I understand that my husband is trying and I believe he is, but it is so hard with the triggers. I worry that I won’t be able to get past it. I see the texts in my head!


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