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When you found out about your partner affair. 1. Did he or


When you found out about your partner affair.
1. Did he or she confess on their own.
2. Did ow or om tell you. If so how did they do it.

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Jul 18

My H’s former co-worker called me one night and told me that my H was sleeping with his wh0r3. Said my H confessed to her months ago.
I immediately called him while he was stuck on the side of the road cause his car broke down. I told him “you lied to me” and he was honestly confused. Then I said “You’re f***ing Gollum” and his response was “What?! No I’m not!!!” But once I told him who told me he knew he couldn’t lie anymore. Stayed up all night having him tell me everything. Heard a lot of things that still burn through my brain. So hard to get over. I really wish he had the f***ing balls to have told me himself instead of me finding out through someone else. I still doubt he would have told me had it had been “his plan” on telling me which he claims he was going to. Tomorrow makes one year from dday. Don’t totally know how I feel about it right now. He’s doing all the hard work, working on himself in IC and we are in MC. Hoping tomorrow isn’t as bad as I think it will be.

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devastatedinptbo's picture
Jul 18

@noenoelani You got this! Don’t give that rotten day any power except as a marker as to how strong you are and how far you have come!

Jul 18

@devastatedinptbo Thank you! I needed that! :-)


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