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When will I ever learn????? MY husband begged me to come bac

When will I ever learn????? MY husband begged me to come back and swore his latest "friend" was long gone. I must be the dumbest person on this planet! First she showed up at his moms 94th birthday party in January, wonder how she knew? I didn't go because I didn't want confrontation. He assured me she wouldn't be there. Surprise! we threw this together on the far side of the country in less than 24 hours, how else would she know???? I should say I threw it together, while he just stood there and didn't do anything. Now his mom has passed away and I am stressed to go to the funeral because I know she will be there! Big fight. Again he tells me, we broke it off a long time ago, heard that before, like when he laughed and said that he worded it specifically so he could still talk to her at work.
Why does his wife have to have stress about his "friend" being st the funeral???? What am I suppose to do, say "oh hello, you're the Bi^^^ my husband is sleeping with?" When his mom had to move out of her house two years ago into assisted living, SHE didn't bother to help move her, when she had to be moved again a year ago due to fines and health issues at the place she was staying, SHE didn't bother to show up to help move ANYTHING! Totally absent! Am I stupid or what?????? I am the only one helping to move his mom. I feel like such a fool!! We all know SHE will be there! He couldn't even assure me SHE wont be there. WHEN will I ever learn, ONCE A CHEAT, ALWAYS A CHEAT!!!!! He was suppose to go to counseling last year, and somehow turned it around to say its because I don't have sex with him anymore! As busy as he has been, I am surprised he even noticed! Thank you for letting me vent!

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Apr 18

Same boat here. My heart says work it out but I been through so much I deserve what I want. It's so hard and if you need to talk it helps. We talked about everything in the past and he wants forgiveness and move forward.

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Apr 18

Um wtf? If she shows up at the funeral have someone ask her to leave then tell your H to get out.

Apr 18

@Lunalove18 I ave to agree with WTF. angelique231, you do not have ti live like this. You both deserve to be happy, but he for whatever reason has moved on. I cannot believe he is so callous. Time to make yourself happy.


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