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What is considered a second chance? How do you define a sec

What is considered a second chance?
How do you define a second chance at marriage with a spouse who cheated?

If a spouse had a few infidelities (without emotional connections) and you found out 1 time about them all, and you choose to work through the marriage, would this be considered a second change?


Would that be considered a 4th chance since it was 3 infidelities?

Curious what peoples opinions are on second chances? No one can seem to answer this for me!

Thanks and keep moving forward, there are brighter, happier days ahead!

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Feb 14

@MrBrains Sounds like to me a long term relationship.

MrBrains's picture
Feb 14

@Hurt54 Yes, but you don't know so it's different DDays. each their own chance. That's my point.

Feb 14

I think that if you found out about all of them at once and you decide to forgive it would be a second chance, but you are dealing with a repeat offender. Why does he feel the need to keep betraying you? How could you ever trust that he will not do that again? I know for me, if I found out my husband had been cheating on me for years I would kick him to the curb for sure.


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